Brainy Glue

Making Change Stick

A business novel on business analysis, innovation, and change

By Ian Richards and Filip Hendrickx

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What others say

"A realistic case study that supports the existing business analysis publications has been much needed – until now! Brainy Glue takes us through a comprehensive case study that explains exactly why business analysis is required, what is involved in a business analysis study, and how it is relevant to businesses everywhere.

Supported by excellent graphics and explanations, Brainy Glue offers a unique perspective of business analysis, demonstrating that a holistic view that engages with all of the POPIT dimensions is vital for effective business change.  An essential read for anyone wishing to understand how good business analysts can co-create value for organisations and guide them to successful outcomes."

Dr Debra Paul, Managing Director, AssistKD, United Kingdom

"Being a business analyst and a big fan of fiction, you can imagine my delight at learning about Brainy Glue!

Abbie is a realistic professional who sometimes doubts herself, sometimes is frustrated with her manager, but always soldiers on to push for change. The use of a grocery store chain allows for easy to understand examples of ways business analysis helps large and small organisations advance their goals.

I enjoyed the incorporation of business analysis techniques into the story and learned a couple of new ones! New and experienced BAs will enjoy the storytelling and be reminded of the value of their skill set."

Barbara Carkenord, CBAP, IIBA-AAC, PMI-PBA, PMP, Consultant at Carkenord Consulting, Board Chair of IIBA, United States

"Filip and Ian were inspired to create characters we all can relate to and empathise with. Their story is a bit like our own. Abbie’s BA journey from understanding the problem and collaborating with stakeholders to creating the most valuable solution is brought to life through colourful storytelling in this easy to read novel full of good tips.

The great ideas that stick in my mind forever reminded me of other business storytelling best sellers, such as The One Minute Manager, Who Moved My Cheese? and The Servant."

Fabrício Laguna, CBAP, AAC, PMP, MBA, Business Consultant, Teacher and Professional Speaker, Brazil

"Ian and Filip have brought business analysis to life!

Through use of engaging characters and an enjoyable business change scenario, they paint a full picture of the types of challenge facing individuals and organisations.

Appropriate tools and techniques are demonstrated in a way which is relevant to experienced change practitioners and accessible to those new to the subject."

Christina Lovelock, Business Analysis Leader & Author, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

"This book is a real page-turner, and the story fully and cheerfully engages the reader. It made me realise again why I love so much being a business analyst, boosting me in my work!”

Ann Mistiaen, Business Analyst, Novado, Belgium

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